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The Nest | Compare = Despair
Rachel Wolfson at Chick-Fil-A
Pot Pie | Latkes with Sara Weinshenk
Edibles | Madison Sinclair
The Nest | Pretty in Panic
Munchie Run | Brodie Reed at Del Taco
Edibles | Adrienne Airhart


I served as the lead editor for several notable productions, including the talk show "The Nest," the comedy series "Munchie Run," and the second season of the baking show "Edibles."
In this role, I personally handled the editing process for the majority of the 8-12 episodes in each series, overseeing tasks from the initial assembly cut to the final export. Taking ownership of the overall structure, I played a pivotal role in shaping the visual and auditory elements, contributing input on graphic design, music selection, and the overall tone of each show. My responsibilities included condensing extensive footage into compelling narratives, making strategic decisions on camera angles, integrating music and sound effects, and managing the creation and adjustment of graphical assets.


Additionally, I contributed my editing expertise to select episodes of "Pot Pie," overseeing the editing process from assembly to final export. Furthermore, I provided fine cut work for "Mildly Interesting," "High With Ty," and "High Tech."

The Nest: Watch | IMDB      Munchie Run: Watch | IMDB      Edibles: Watch | IMDB

(These shows have recently moved to a different publisher and platform.

The previous 500k - 1 million views per show are not reflected in the current viewing numbers)