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I was the lead editor of the talk show "The Nest", the comedy talk show "Munchie Run" and the baking show "Edibles" (Season 2). As lead editor, I edited most or all of the 8- 12 episodes myself. From assembly cut to final export - I was responsible for the overall structure and had a say in the design of the graphics, the music, and the general tonality of each show. I cut down multiple hours of footage for the story, chose camera angles, added music, and sound effects, and created, adjusted, and/or implemented the graphical assets.

I also edited some episodes of "Pot Pie", from assembly to final export, as well as some fine cut work for

"Mildly Interesting", "High With Ty" and "High Tech".

The Nest: Watch | IMDB      Munchie Run: Watch | IMDB      Edibles: Watch | IMDB

(These shows have recently moved to a different publisher and platform.

The previous 500k - 1 million views per show are not reflected in the current viewing numbers)